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We will be providing samples of three of our wines for you to try as you are shopping.


2016 Perla Rosé

This is not your mother's Rosé. Vina Laguna crafts their rosé wines specifically to be just that - a rosé. Not a blend of leftover red and white wines that happen to be laying around. Instead they maintinan the same standard of quality employed when crafting all their other wines. The Perla Rosé is a sparkling wine that both refreshes and reveals its formidable character. The perfect summer aperitif when you want to beat the heat.



2016 Malvazija

Malvazija istarska - Malvasia Istriana is now recognized as the leading Istrian grape variety and one of the most important indigenous Croatian varieties. This Malvazija is harmonious and full-bodied. It is exceptionally fresh and mineral, fruity and very drinkable. The terraced vineyards on white soil where the grapes are grown are planted on several positions, all between 250 and 400 meters high. The current vintage is 2016.



2015 Red

International style wine, with a dominant influence of indigenous variety Plavac mali. The wine is dark red in colour, mild alcohol of 13%. The tannins are medium. The nose is dominated by spice and notes of black and red fruit such as dried plums, blackberry and cherry.