167 years of family owned wine making...

The Franc Arman Winery, in Istria in northwest Croatia, was established in 1850.  Still a family owned business, led by Franc and Oliver Arman, the winery spans 20 acres, and produces indigenous Malvezija and Teran wines, along with international varietals, such as Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, and Merlot. Franc Arman’s white wines are stored in stainless steel tanks, and the red wines are stored in oak barrels in a newly renovated wine cellar 16 feet underground. Franc Arman’s wines are produced with minimal sulfites, earning the wines ecological certification. Additionally, the wines have won numerous awards in Croatia and internationally. To allow the wines to breathe, Franc Arman wines are recommended to be opened at least one hour before drinking. 

Franc Arman wines represent the good living of Istria where there is nothing better than having a good meal with friends, accompanied by great wines.

Location: Istria

2015 Sivi Pinot

A delicate appetizing wine with a hint of pear and spice on the nose. It is refreshing and crisp to taste with notes of citrus, green apple, and bright acidity. This is an elegant and drinkable style of Pinot Grigio and is a versatile choice as an aperitif or with dishes like garlic chicken, risotto, or creamy pasta.  The vines are situated in an elevated position of around 250 meters on the south side of the Mirna Valley. The climate is ideal for producing wines with a full expression of fruit. Hot summers with rain throughout the year keep the landscape verdant even in the height of summer as there are frequent thunder storms There is rarely snow in the winter, which are generally mild to cold, as the Adriatic Sea stabilizes the coastal region climate.

2016 Malvazija

This is an indigenous Istrian varietal. The wine is a pale, yellow straw color, and tinged with green. The aroma is floral and fruity. The taste is crisp,
fresh, and pleasantly acidic and is
ideal for partnering with seafood,
fish, and pasta dishes.

2013 Teran

This red Istrian varietal is produced from premium quality wine grapes grown in the Narduči vineyards. It has a characteristic ruby-red color. It has a noble aroma and wild berry flavor with a dominant raspberry bouquet. The taste is full-bodied, robust, and dry and is ideal for partnering with meat and game, prosciutto, and cheese.