Great wines come from great vineyards…

It is a unique confluence of natural conditions working in parallel that make the vineyards at Kraljevski Vinogradi so special. The location has it all; a combination of rocky limestone soil, an ideal southwest facing slope, full days of direct exposure to sunlight, and a constant circulation of warm moist air from the sea then cool, fresh, inland air by night. Put all together and managed by the talented winery staff, it is no surprise that so many award-winning wines are produced here. Kraljevski Vinogradi produces an exemplary portfolio of aromatic, fresh, fruity and smooth wines in both red and white varietals.

2015 Posip

Pošip is an authentic Dalmatian white grape variety whose tradition dates back to the time of the ancient Greeks. It is
the wine with expressed personality, dazzling golden yellow color, and greenish hues.  Graceful in a glass, on whose walls it leaves a thick trail. Its aroma is distinctive, with strong body, with the fullness of the fruity taste of apricots and figs, and imbued with the subtle hint of Mediterranean herbs. In its flavor, the structure is full and exudes freshness and minerality. It perfectly suits to all fish dishes, shellfish,
and white meat.

2013 Plavac Mali

The Plavac Mali is the most important Croatian indigenous
red grape.  It was created by crossing varieties Crljenak and Dobričić.  It expresses its best varietal characteristics on the rocky slopes of a southern exposure.  Its characteristics are, as in Punta Skala, exposed to triple insolation of the sun, the sea, and stones.  It is distinguished by a deep ruby color and emphatic body. The taste is harmonious, fluent, of full structure, and has great balanced tannins.  This wine is dominated by the fruity aromas of ripe cherries and plums, personable, luxurious, and with an elegant ending. 

Location: Zadar

Details: In the year 1066. the Croatian King Petar Krešimir IV donated vineyards to the newly established Benedictine monastery of St.Mary in Zadar, which was led by its sister, a nun Čika, a great-granddaughter of the Queen Jelena and the Croatian king Mihajlo Krešimir II. In 1072, Čika bought the first vineyards in Petrčane (Petrzane,) and since those times the abbey has had in possession the vineyards on their property. And our distinctive, consistent and smooth wine originates from this property. The Royal Vineyards are situated on the southern slopes above Petrčane and Punta Skala, and are focused on the production of premium wines from the original Dalmatian grape varieties.