Plavic Mali is an indigenous Croatian varietal grape grown along the Dalmatian coast.  The grape originates from the Crljenak Kastelanski and Dobricic grapes and is known for its richness and full flavor. 

In 1998 researchers at the University of California – Davis and the University of Zagreb, discovered that Zinfandel is actually one parent of Plavic Mali. In 2001, after researchers evaluated DNA fingerprints among samples, a match was eventually found in a vineyard in Kastel Novi.  This vineyard contained just nine Crljenak Kastelanski vines mixed with thousands of other vines.  In 2012, after years of DNA testing and research from around the world, a single 90-year-old grape vine from the garden of an elderly woman in Split provided the evidence that Zinfandel was a Croatian grape known as Tribidag produced in Croatia since the 15th century.

Plavac Mali is described by many wine enthusiasts as tasting of black cherry, licorice, black pepper, and cloves.  It can be paired with many foods, including oysters, duck, pizza with roasted red peppers, a burger with mushrooms, or grilled sausages.

Blue Ice features three Plavac Mali selections in its portfolio: Kraljevski Vinogradi Plavac Mali 2015, BRIME Plavac Mali 2015, an organic wine produced by Rizman, and Stina Cuvee Red 2015, a blend of Plavac Mali (70 percent), Merlot (10 percent), Syrah (10 percent), and Cabernet Sauvignon (10 percent). 

These wines are new to the United States and will be available in selective wine stores and restaurants in Minnesota later this summer.