Valpanera Winery grants exclusive importer and distributor rights to Blue Ice

During the past few months we have been cultivating a relationship with the wine makers at Valpanera Winery in Trieste, Italy. We are excited to announce they have granted us exclusive importer and distributor rights. We represent Valpanera in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, and Minnesota.

Bringing An Old Varietal to the United States for a New Beginning

Our continued goal is to bring under represented, yet high quality wines to new audiences in the United States. Working with Valpanera helps us to do just that. We already supply varietals autochthonous to the region such as Malvazija, Plavac Mali, and Pošip. Through our partnership with Valpanera, we are now adding Refosco, another native varietal to the region. This addition to our growing portfolio ensures that it will continue to represent the best varietals from this part of the world.

We could not be more pleased to announce the beginning of our partnership with Valpanera and the introduction of their wines to the US market place. We feel that the wines from Valpanera are an excellent addition to our offerings and we are excited to share them with wine lovers here in the United States!