Enjoy autumn celebrations and the remaining warm weather with this fantastic Rex Sparkling White wine from Vinakoper located in the Istrian region of Slovenia.

Vinakoper Rex Sparkling White Sec

The wine is clear with light yellow and green shades. Light sparkle and chains of CO2 bubbles can be observed.

Enjoy the rich aromatic notes and characteristic freshness that derive from the Malvasia variety which delivers an intense floral and fruity bouquet dominated by scents of acacia flower, tropical fruit and green apple.

Intensive fruity aromatics with the prevalence of citrus fruit and apples. It expresses a special freshness and the aromatic potential of the basic wine.

Food and wine pairing recommendation: It is a fantastic aperitif, can be served independently as a sparkling wine for socialising or as a companion to sea fruit dishes and light pasta with sweeter sauces. 


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Offer valid through December 1, 2018