Ancient vines and ideal conditions…

Valpanera winery is based in the Northern Italian region Friuli Venezia Giulia, in the area of Villa VIcentina within the DOC Friuli - Aquileia. The company decided to invest its resources in the production and enhancement of Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso, an ancient native vine from our region, with a very long history and tradition. This indigenous variety has found ideal environment and climate for its growth on our land. The vineyards situated on the alluvial clay and sandy soil, together with optimal conditions for the cultivation of this particular vine, are fundamental for the production of our refined Valpanera's Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso.

Guyot, the cultivation method of the vine, typical to this area, has one annually renewable cane faced to the sun in order to fully benefit from its warm sunlight rays.

Valpanera, being a family-run business, personally oversees every aspect of the management and the winemaking production, from the vineyard to the consumer's table. The combination of innovation and tradition guarantees the highest quality of their product. Innovative techniques under the supervision of human knowledge allows them to respect the environment and monitor all the delicate stages throughout the life-cycle of both vine and wine.

Location: Trieste 



This wine is rich in pleasant hints with herbaceous predominance typical for this grape variety. These are the same sensations found in the bouquet; fresh and herbaceous with continued persistence on the palate. This is an excellent with roasted, grilled, and gamey meat, and well accompanied with all types of cheese.



There is nothing not to like about this wine; very fresh with scents of apple, bread-crust, and vanilla. The soil is a mix of sand and gravel situated in Fiumicello close to the River Torre.  The average age of the vine is 30 years. Well structured, medium body, and a pronounced aromatic taste are typical for the varietal and the soil.