The lightness of being in Istria…

This is a saying that the wine makers at Vina Laguna like to use a lot because it evokes the fresh airy qualities of their wines, the region in which the grapes are grown, and the spirit in which the wines are made.

The vineyards in Istria have two very important things going or them: A variety of soils and a perfectly balanced climate. This has been known for centuries and the long history of winemaking in Istria is proof. Vina Laguna serves as one of the most current stewards of this incredible landscape and they take advantage of all the region has to offer in order to produce exceptional wines.


2016 Perla Rosé

This is not your mother's Rosé. Vina Laguna crafts their rosé wines specifically to be just that - a rosé. Not a blend of leftover red and white wines that happen to be laying around. Instead they maintinan the same standard of quality employed when crafting all their other wines. The Perla Rosé is a sparkling wine that both refreshes and reveals its formidable character. The perfect summer aperitif when you want to beat the heat.