Wines of Croatia

All our Croatian wines are 100% Croatian and each winery makes its wine from grapes grown and cultivated on their
specific vineyard, whether they are the indigenous Plavac Mali, or the global Chardonnay. Our producers combine artisan
growing techniques with the latest production equipment and methods, giving each wine old-world character with modern
quality standards.

Whether it’s one of Croatia’s 64 indigenous grape varieties, or something a bit more familiar, our multi-generational wineries all feature unique and compelling offerings. Learn more by exploring our wineries featured below.

Wines of Slovenia

From the foothills of the Alps to the coast of the Adriatic, Slovenia offers some of the finest and least known wines in the world. With these wines' exceptional quality and virtually unknown status in the American wine community, it is our aim to introduce these wines to retailers and consumers alike. Vinakoper is our Slovenian partner and learn more by clicking on Vinakoper below.

Wines of Italy

Our Italian wines are sourced from the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, one of the 20 regions of Italy and one of five autonomous regions. The capital is Trieste. Friuli-Venezia Giulia is Italys north-easternmost region and borders Austria to the north, Slovenia
to the east, and the Adriatic Sea and Croatia, more specifically Istria, to the south. Its cheeses, hams, and wines are exported
not only within Europe but have become known worldwide for their quality. These world renown high-quality wines are what
we are bringing to you for your enjoyment. The Valpanera Winery is our partner and we are excited to bring their fantastic
wines to America.   

Wines of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina, sitting at the crossroads of Eastern and Western cultures, is producing impressive wines.  The two main wine producing regions are Northern Bosnia and Herzegovina and the primary varietals of Herzegovina are the red, Blatina and the white, Žilavka. Wine has always been a staple of this sun washed land, what was once called Illyria. The tradition of producing quality wine with local varietals continues today and we are honored to offer you these wonderful wines.